Jacky Clarke, BTAA EMRT

Bowen Therapist

Leominster and Martley


Jacky is our Bowen Therapist. She has been involved with horses, dogs and farm animals since childhood and has worked with horses and dogs in a professional capacity for many years. When she was advised to have surgery for debilitating back pain, a friend suggested she visit a Bowen practitioner first.

The therapy was so successful that she cancelled the operation and spent three years training in the Bowen Technique. She left her career as a Police Dog Handler and started her own practice in 2004. She has also trained with one of the worlds leading Equine Behaviour Experts, Dr Debbie Marsden, and qualified as an Equine Behaviour Consultant. You can find out more about the Bowen Technique elsewhere on our website or on Jacky’s own website at www.bowenjc.co.uk