Baby Massage Leominster and Martley

It is a common misconception that babies and children are young and flexible enough to not have any musculoskeletal imbalances in their bodies, however, this is not always true. Babies often go through stress during birth or have physical issues as a result of being in the womb. These need to be assessed by a professional osteopath to identify areas that need addressing.

How Baby Massage Therapy Works

After doing a full assessment on your baby’s condition and a diagnosis is made after doing a full medical history and examination, we will use refined and subtle techniques to bring about profound changes in your baby’s body through gentle manipulation.

We believe that any ailment experienced is a result of an imbalance somewhere in the body’s network system.

By using subtle and gentle techniques to address the concerns in your baby’s body, we allow the musculoskeletal system, the gastrointestinal tract, the nervous system, the immune system and the circulatory system to work effectively and optimally. This type of treatment is non-invasive and requires no drugs.

If, for instance, your child has a chest infection, the surrounding anatomy plays a role in the respiratory function. Altered respiratory mechanics can be the cause of tissue congestion, decreased clearance, altered ventilation and lymphatic circulatory function, and increased energy expenditure.

By reducing the tensions in the facial connective tissue and correcting the ailments and motions of joints, we are able to manipulate the physiological function of the underlying anatomy.


How can birth impact your baby?

Birth can cause your baby’s body to undergo stress and strain and can cause their body to grow in an unbalanced way if left untreated.  As a result, structures of your baby’s body will need to compensate for the distortion. You may only pick up the signs much later on after birth, however. This is why we recommend paediatric osteopathic treatment soon after the birth of your little one to avoid the misalignment progressing and becoming more difficult to correct. The first 6 years of your baby’s life will bring about many changes to your infants head which will impact their early adult years development and growth.


Baby Massage Book – Written by Sally Lansdale DO

Sally has recently published this book on Baby Massage and is starting to run baby massage workshops for new mothers and young babies at the clinic. Please get in touch for more details