Breakthrough Back Pain Treatment for Slipped Discs and Sciatica

Breakthrough Back Pain Treatment for Slipped Discs and Sciatica

Breakthrough Back Pain Treatment

Back pain experts at Leominster Osteopaths are providing a breakthrough treatment for back pain, neck pain and related symptoms such as sciatica.

For the past three years the successful team has been using Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy, a programme of non-invasive spinal care which is helping long-term back and neck pain patients to become pain-free and return to their normal daily activities.

The six week programme is aimed at long-term sufferers who have tried physiotherapy or other manual treatments without success.

IDD Therapy uses computer-controlled pulling forces to gently and safely distract (draw apart) specific spinal segments where discs are damaged or herniated (bulging). This relieves pain by taking pressure off targeted discs and any trapped nerves and helps to relieve muscle spasm.

IDD Therapy patient Tim Pardoe suffered for 15 years with severe back pain which had a negative impact on his life.“I first hurt my back when I was 18 – doing up a wheel nut on a car. Ever since then, I’ve suffered with lower back pain and sciatica. I have a very physical job as a carpenter and spend most of my day hunched over a workbench – which just made my condition worse.

“I went for physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments which seemed to relax me at the time – but a day or two later, my back would go into spasm again.

“Things got so bad that I knew I needed something more than manual therapy and painkillers to help me and at that point, a friend suggested IDD Therapy – so I decided to go for an assessment at Leominster Osteopaths.

IDD Therapy relieves pain by taking pressure off targeted discs and any trapped nerves and helps to relieve muscle spasm.

“I was relieved when I was told that I was suitable for the IDD Therapy programme. The improvement I made was very gradual but after each treatment session the pain eased a little more and I became more mobile and with that, I gained the confidence to actually move around a bit more.

Now – two years after my treatment programme – my back feels stronger than when I was a teenager!”

Leominster Osteopaths is part of a UK network of IDD Therapy clinics which includes private hospitals and osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics. More than 18,000 IDD treatments have been carried out in the UK with clinicians reporting good to excellent improvement in 70-90% of patients.

Clinic Director Mark Roughley is delighted with the positive impact IDD Therapy has made on his patients. He says:

“In the past, some of our chronic back and neck pain patients may have resorted to invasive procedures – even surgery. For the past three years – thanks to IDD Therapy – we have been able to offer them an effective non-invasive option.

Patients with herniated or ‘slipped’ discs and sciatica in particular, have seen a distinct and lasting improvement with the treatment. For anyone suffering with an unresolved back or neck problem, the IDD Therapy programme is definitely worth considering.

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After 22 years of back pain, I’m cycling again, thanks to IDD Therapy
After 22 years of back pain, I’m cycling again…thanks to IDD Therapy

Glyn Whiting from Leominster thought he may never cycle again when the back pain he’d suffered with for 22 years finally took its toll.

“I first hurt my back in 1989 doing too many sit-ups at the gym. I suffered on and off with lower back pain and grinding sciatic pain in my leg. Sometimes my leg would actually go numb when I stood for too long.”

IDD Therapy back pain solution
Back Pain Solution

A typical IDD Therapy patient is Lou, 67 from Hereford:

“My back problems began 40 years ago when I fell 200 feet on to a fallen tree whilst serving with the British Army. Since then I’ve suffered with occasional sciatica but in 2010 the pain took over my life – to a point where I hardly slept due to the habitual ice packs on my back and leg. I tried physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture but only gained temporary relief.