Client Reviews

We believe that our work should speak through our clients in order to truly see the impact our passion has on the lives and livelihoods of people just like you. Here are some of the things our clients have had to say about their experience with us…

Alan Godding

I suffered with a lot of lower back pain and pins and needles down my right leg. After my first treatment the pain started to get better and after a couple more treatments I had no pain and the pins and needles were gone. I am now having treatments intermittently to keep everything in check.

Doreen Rees

After my first session on the machine I felt lighter and taller. I was able to stand at my sink to prepare my vegetables and wash up later; before I would have had to sit to do these tasks. My legs and feet have been numb for 3 years and after just one session I can ‘feel’ my toes and wiggle them. Roll on the next few sessions!!!

Mel Parry

I first became aware of IDD Therapy Treatment by word of mouth from a colleague who could not speak too highly of IDD Therapy. My condition was caused by a previous injury that occurred while under military service. I had suffered for a number of years since leaving the military and after trying many forms of treatment I found no improvement. After my very first IDD Therapy Treatment I noticed/felt an instant relief and had the first decent night’s sleep without pain for a number of years. The staff at Leominster Clinic were efficient, knowledgable and very professional. I would recommend this form of treatment to anybody with the same conditions as myself.

Pat Prosser

Having suffered from intense lower back pain for a considerable time, I decided to try the new IDD Therapy Treatment – the result is incredible! The pain has gone. I now walk upright and my sleeping pattern, that had been so bad through pain, is now back to normal. Even a problem that I have had for a long time with my bowels has improved greatly. I would highly recommend this treatment. So thanks, Sally and Simon, you have been great with your help and this wonderful machine. I am now well on the road to recovery.

Anthony Lawson

I cannot speak too highly of IDD Therapy. Three months of excruciating pain caused by severe degeneration of several discs in my lower spine made any kind of movement a challenge. I faced the most unwelcome prospect of having back surgery with its associated post-operative problems. I was extremely fortune in learning my condition could be treated with IDD Therapy. Within the first couple of sessions, the pain levels had reduced considerably, allowing me to regain a measure of mobility that continued throughout the treatment. I am now pain free and some way towards reclaiming my life back.


The IDD Therapy machine has made a big difference to my back pain. I had had low back ache for several years and recently couldn’t sit down for more than about twenty minutes without getting sciatica and pins and needles in my feet. The day after my first session I felt a lot freer and had lost that “scrunched-up” feeling. I have had 15 sessions so far and am now able to sit for longer periods, move more freely and have no leg pain.

Sian Murray

After over 2 years of no sleep for either myself or my little boy I decided to give cranial osteopathy try for both my health and sanity! After just 5 sessions my beautiful little boy was now sleeping most nights – amazing considering we were awake every 1 ½ hours before. My son was not only sleeping better he was able to concentrate on activities, his speech came on in leaps and bounds and he seemed much happier. Now after 6 sessions the difference in both myself and my son is unbelievable. I’m amazed at how my son has responded to his treatment, he has changed from a quiet tired little boy to a talkative, confident and happy child – not to mention his mummy!! Simon Lichtenstein understood our problems, listened to me, gave helpful advice and has changed our lives forever. Words can not describe how grateful I am I feel like a human again. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has issues with sleep. I just wish I had tried it earlier!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are wonderful.